Our vision and motivation

We started to combine nature, lifestyle and design in our unique smoking products. Hippiepack is working hard to expand their product offers in a friendly environment way.

“One of our unique products is the design for women.”

Thanks to our large network of contacts, companies and interests we can offer  products of supreme quality. Due our unique products and professionalism we made it possible to start our own line of products. We want to encourage people to start their own brand and have their own chosen displaylabel of their company name/brand on our products.



Girls EDItion

Hippiepack specially designed a Girls Edition

Hippiepack has created a pink and gold Rolling Paper & Smoking Tip Edition. The Hippiepack Woman Edition aims for female smokers that would love to have unique designed rolling paper in their pocket. We also have Smoking Rings and Crushers fitted to their needs.


Private Label

Are you looking for smoking products that are specially made for you but without your name?

Weed or Cannabis shops, CDB shops, influencers, vloggers or just starting your own smoking shop?

We introduced a simple and easy way to start your own brand of smoking products. No design, one supplier to start your own brand or merchandische easily with the Hippiepack!


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Become a reseller

Hippiepack is part of J&F Packaging V.O.F. We are a flexible and exclusive warehouse in smoking attributes and (personalized) packaging material. We sell and create Rolling Papers & Smoking Tips, Crushers and smoke pipes as well as joint tubes or packaging material and design. Your request is our mission! We only aim for one thing: offer the best products and finest designs! Are you a cannabis, CDB or webshop owner? It is easy to become a Hippiepack reseller. Just contact us by clicking the button below.