Advantages of a private label

More profit

By selling your own products, you can determine the price yourself. Hippiepack has no influence of responsibilties to resellers. A brand also represents professionality and creates a familiar feeling. We support you and make sure you have unique products.


Product range

A start with only one or a few products or even merchandische is absolutely possible. You can easily expand your products or brand if your customer demands increases. Therefore Hippiepack is an easy way to start your own brand.

Uniq Brand & Shop

By creating your own brand you can sell unique products only available through you. It is known that consumers search the internet for specific brands and persons. Both for the brand and for the best offers. With your own brand they will always come to you.

Customer loyalty

A statisfied customer will be loyal to the brand he is used to. If you start satisfying customers, they will not easily change the brand. It also satisfies you, which is even important. Building your own brand will expand your visibility.


Start you own brand or merchandise easily and quick


Do you have your own company for example a coffeeshop, tabacco shop, CDB shop, smartshop, webshop, or are you an enthousiastic vlogger or influencer? Or do you have an other store looking for smoking products or smoking merchandise?

Start your own brand simple and fast. We make sure everything is arranged, design, samples, production and transport. Products that you can select from are:

  • – Rolling Paper & Rolling Tips
  • – Crushers
  • – Smoke pipes
  • – Joint Tubes
  • – Lighters
  • – Ash Trays
  • – Packaging material
  • – T-shirts

From the above list we offer multiple different options based on your wishes. We have different material, sizes, colours, designs etcetera.

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